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The SPARK (Supporting Providers and Reaching Kids) team believes that technology can make it easier for mental health providers to focus on delivering best practice treatment to children everywhere. Too often, providers face challenges that make it hard for them to do what they do best – deliver optimal care. We can help.

Kid playing on a tablet with his dad.

SPARK features 12 chapters that can be used by providers during individual sessions with each child. Chapters feature interactive touch screen games, such as drag-and-drop activities, drawing tools, trivia-style card games, and animated relaxation activities. This also includes activities for providers to complete with caregivers, such as an extensive collection of video clips with narration that demonstrate a wide range of effective parenting and behavior management skills.

SPARK was developed with assistance from treatment developers, nationally certified trainers, local providers, and local families. The “Chapters” of SPARK are designed specifically to help providers navigate treatment activities that were described by trainers and providers as challenging. The SPARK project will allow us to test the SPARK system with a very large sample of 200 mental health providers and 360 children.

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The SPARK team is internationally recognized as experts in the development and evaluation of self-help and provider training resources. Find out how we can work together to deliver best practice treatment to children everywhere.